Safety Audits

Safety Dynamics Group, Inc. provides you with experts who don’t just find problems, they offer solutions: reasonable means for the correction and control of hazards

During a Site Safety Assessment Safety Dynamics Group will look at everything an OSHA inspector would see. We will conduct a mock Cal/OSHA site audit at your facility or construction project to identify potential or existing hazards and recommend specific remedies. We’ll review your on site specific OSHA required Safety Programs and Company Policies. If necessary we will update or develop new ones for you. We’ll observe employee safety practices and the general overall safety of the site. Once the audit is complete we’ll prepare a comprehensive written report of the audit, containing photos of safe / unsafe situations at the site and recommendations for mitigation.

Safety Dynamics Group has over 30+ years of experience with OSHA and its regulations.
We can help you make sure your workplace is a safe and ready environment for all of its employees, while saving you money and avoiding harsh OSHA penalties and fines.