Contractor Safety Audits

By visiting job sites, Safety Dynamics Group’s safety professionals review how well contractor safety is being addressed. Periodic HSE reviews are conducted at the specified job site(s) to verify contractors and sub-contractors performing work have effective HSE programs addressing applicable HSE issues, meeting the HSE performance specifications in the contract.

Contractor and subcontractor supervisors and personnel are required to attend pre-job meetings and pre-job safety orientations. Contractor personnel will also be invited to attend location safety meetings, tailgate safety meetings, job safety analysis and hazard assessments, as well as job safety inspections to increase their awareness of your organization’s HSE policies. Formal periodic reviews will be conducted with contractors’ supervisory personnel to assess and document their compliance or non-compliance with the contract.

Conducting informal reviews, such as daily observations, is another effective way to assess ongoing contractor compliance. Daily observations can identify unsafe or unsatisfactory workmanship, and correct conditions quickly. These situations may entail shutting down a job until corrective actions have been implemented. Periodically during the contract and post-contract, each contractor and subcontractor’s safety performance will be evaluated by the Safety Dynamics Group, Inc. Project Manager.

Safety Dynamics Group has over 30+ years of experience with OSHA and its regulations.
We can help you make sure your workplace is a safe and ready environment for all of its employees, while saving you money and avoiding harsh OSHA penalties and fines.